Artifacts Amiss

The only thing of any worth to these monsters is blood and skulls! They trade in entrails and trophies from their fallen foes. They have no mercy; they give no quarter, they have no feelings other then bloodlust and rage. Don't despair, <name> for our enemies possess a fatal flaw; they despise the use of magic and avoid its many forms. They view magic like a plague and we will use this advantage to the detriment of the Skulltakers! The Knights of the Blazing Sun carried with them many artifacts to aid in their mission to recover Myrmidia's Spear. I feel their eldritch energies surging from within this place still. It is with these artifacts of power that we will be granted the chance to defeat our foes.
Search the Path of Fury for the Inferno Staff, Oathstone and The Blessed Tome. They may still be on the bodies of the fallen knights. Search Fallen Knights Docherty, Roemer and Matthieu for what Hannah Eberly seeks.
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