<name>, those before you have all been blessed by The Changer with visions of your coming. We are merchants, knights, priests, nobles, peasants and beggars alike. We are brought together by the hatred that burns in us for Reikland. We cried out to the dark to deliver us from our woes of this governance and we were gifted with visions of your coming. Your terrible will shall lead an army of change into Reikland! Those we hate will feel pain and fear. They will receive destruction. They will endure change. They will know annihilation! We are yours; we are the Cult of Annihilation! Know that wherever your destructive brings you in this damned land you will find your faithful ready and eager to serve you my dark and terrible Dread Lord <name>!
Find and kill Bright Wizard Radovan and Noble Vinzenz around Kauffenburg manor. Speak with Radulf the Elder when complete.
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