Is it, is it really you? <name>? You have come to us finally! It, it, it is. I have begged the shadows for this day, so many of us have. And today, this day, it has finally come. Yes, my sinister dread lord, there are many like me. We are all throughout Reikland. We have feverishly prayed for this day. The Dark God answered our pleas with visions of the day you would arrive and the days to come. With strokes of corruption, fear, manipulation, strength and brutality, you are going to paint your greatest work of destruction here. Reikland's demise will be your, your ... masterpiece. Evil master, you must meet the rest of us! We gather in secret. If your terrible will desires it, slaughter any lurkers that may spy the entrance. Oh, wait until the others see you, milord.
Find Radulf the Elder in lower Reikland. Kill the Reikland Patrol roaming about, and then speak with Radulf.
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