I have seen the power you wield. The Dark God granted me with vision of it. Unlike my dear Stefal, I understand why the Architect of Fate allows the weaklings to hold line against us. He awaited your arrival, and so then did I. Together with me as your advisor, and you leading the charge, together we will finish Praag! Hear me out dread lord, <name>. I have found hatred between the Elves. The Raven God would have us use this hatred. An Elf has made a pact with us. It will find us way behind our enemy lines, should we ensure his hated kindred are slain. We are destined to slaughter all who do not fall under our banner, of course we will destroy this Elf's hated kindred. Such irony pleases the Raven God.
Find Kuerl Malic watching the movements of the Order forces outside the walls of their reinforcement camps. Speak with him.
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