Ancient Power Reborn

The very power over life and death! It is a tale most intriguing, this story of Engra Deathsword. Such power he had! By the Changer, if we had Engra with us now, there would be no two bricks left atop one another. Mardol tells me of the meteor that smashed into the heart of the city. She believes that it was sent by the Raven God to unearth Engra's sword. Alas, it did more than unearth it, according to her. The blast scattered the shards of his sword all over Praag. Mardol assures me that if we bring her but three of these shards, she could produce a weapon of considerable power. I desire this weapon and have no reason to doubt her skill ... you on the other hand have yet to prove yourself to me.
Gather three shards of Engra Deathsword's mighty weapon to allow Mardol to forge a new weapon from the old. Return to Mardol Painweaver in Daemonfire when done.
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