A Wasted Effort

Tell me, <name>, does a warrior run from what he cannot see? Or what he can? Fear is a double edged weapon, true enough. But some who follow the banner of Tchar'zanek are allowing themselves to forget their sworn oaths, spreading tales of a force greater and more terrible than the wrath of the Raven God himself! All about the camp I hear whispers of armored knights who wear the device of brass-tooled skulls. Our warriors are so unsettled, they believe these knights our betters rather than facing them in combat and putting their fears to the test! As confident as I may be in the outcome once our two forces meet, our lives are nothing compared to the task at hand. Should these knights prove victorious, the Raven Host in the Chaos Wastes must be warned.
Scour High Pass for any sign of the Knights Borok Ejlersgaard described.
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