Allure of Rage

To pillage and plunder, ah, this was my true calling. I can feel the power flow through my veins. I once toiled the land as a fool, but then the Host marched through. I understood the power to be had by joining up, and I seized it. The Raven god has given to me new life, and so I shall give to this dark god my loyalty. A rage has been burning in my head since our arrival here. <name>, there is a great monument near this ground. It is a testimony to our god's magnificence. The rage that burns in my heart has brought me to slay many of our enemy, and bring their skulls before the great horn. You must join me in this offering!
Find Savage Bloodseekers at the Tempest Horn in Gorering Vale. Kill them to collect their skulls. When you've collected enough add them to the pile of skulls at the foot of the Tempest Horn.
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