All my life I've been ignored, seen as less than my 'honorable' brother. Treated as though I were less, relegated to the place of squire! But now, finally I can pay them all back! Every slight they thought me powerless to repay will be revisited a hundred fold. Let them scream! Lanwin Guth supported my brother for knighthood, over me! Had the gall to question my honor after watching me playing with those rabid mutts of his. A few more days and I would have had them whipped into shape! He wouldn't have been complaining then! But he called my methods 'unknightly'. As if taking an erring pupil to task was a transgression! Well it's time he learned the pain of loss, time he learned how it feels to be powerless in the face of another's condemnation!
Search Lanwin Guth's hunting camp in Rindlewood for his prized dogs and slaughter the entire pack. Recover the harness that Lanwin uses to train his dogs. Be sure to examine the harness once you have obtained it.
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