A Cold Heart

Nina and I do so detest being in this country. The air stinks of peasantry. Trust that we are not here without good reason though. Centuries ago an Elven noble ruled over these lands. In such decadence did he live, that he seduced the ruling noble's twin daughters. For years one did not know of the other. So, in love they did fall. This suitor's manipulation was not without its limits though, as eventually one sister did learn of the other. This realization begat so much pain within their hearts that they each crafted their own daggers and plotted to plunge them into their suitor's chest. Within these daggers was embodied all of the anguish from their tormented emotions. I must have them. Find the burial place of the suitor. Retrieve the daggers for me and I will reward you handsomely.
The Deeprock Mine lies far north of Trovolek, nestled in the easternmost mountains of Troll Country. It is here the final resting place of Norbaeth Civlar can be found. Wrest the Bleeding Heart and Cold Heart Daggers from the ghost of Norbaeth Civlar. Return to Lady Antonia at the Raven Host camp near Trovolek once you have procured the two daggers.
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