A Subtle Wind

Schulman's aims are known to me, <name>, but the straight road ain't always the best. If we're to ready the city to be conquered, we'll need to eat away at it piece by piece. Money speaks a language most folk can understand, but as you can see my resources are stretched somewhat thin. The gold will have to be gotten another way. Take a bit of this grain to Frau Blauvelt over there, and see that she understands the price of curbing her hunger is merely a lock of her hair. Then speak with Pieter Falke, who should be on patrol in the city. He's been pining after her for months, and proof of her adoration will move him to open the doors of Salzenburg!
Speak with Eldi Blauvelt in the northwestern Salzenmund Slums, and convince her to trade a lock of her hair for a portion of grain.
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