A Subtle Wind

What good is mastery over a burned and broken city? When I ride for Salzenmund, it will be in triumph! The gate will stand open, and I will lead my people in cooperation with the Raven Host! To that end, I am entrusting you, <name>, to see to it that the gate cannons are decommissioned. Deliver this sack of grain to my associate, Gaert Werden, inside Salzenmund. He'll instruct you further. What? No, you imbecile! I will enter by the front gate, not you! Take the Smuggler's Tunnel. If I'm not mistaken, the Tunnel should still open up in the poor quarters. Now go!
Use the Smugglers Tunnel to sneak into Salzenmund. Deliver the grain to Gaert Werden in the Salzenmund Slums.
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