A Norse Bargain

Come here, I beg of you! I've already told your leaders everything I know, and I fear they've no more use for me. I have no wish to see what manner of demise they have in mind for me. What would you say if I told you there's a large sum of gold hidden in the woods, in case of just such an eventuality? You need only to loosen these bolts, and I'll sneak away when you're gone. In return, I'll give you the key to the lockbox I've hidden and tell you where to find it. Sound fair?
Release Werner from his Prison Cage to get the key to the Lockbox. Then journey to the windmill in Ravenraid. In a copse of trees nearby, you'll find the Lockbox at the base of a large tree. Open it using the key that Werner has given you and collect your spoils.
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