Barring the Way - Our Empire Allies

Sunsword sent you to ensure I will be ready for her attack on the Chaos lair, did she? I'm a bit preoccupied with the swarming Dark Elves, at the moment. Perhaps I was mistaken to promise the aid of my men to Sunsword. By Sigmar, if we had as much difficulty with the forces of Chaos as the Elves have had with Malekith's minions, the world would have been swallowed by the ruinous hordes centuries ago! If you could find my forces and rally them to my aid, I might be more inclined to send them to hers! Find Commander Rittenschein. Last I saw, he was on patrol with a large contingent of men. He should be able to provide both of us with all the aid we require!
Search for Marcus Rittenschein. He was most recently seen on patrol, trying to reduce the population of the Dark Elf beasts that roam the countryside.
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