Barring the Way - Our Dwarf Allies

When I got up here, one o' those fool Dark Elves snuck up behind me, thinkin' he could get the jump on me. Well, my Groundshaker proved him wrong! Hit him square in the head I did, and he was knocked dead in one blow! Unfortunately, in my fightin' zeal, I broke my Groundshaker! I had no way to call up my miners, you see! Not my fault! Well, you've done and helped my boys up out o' the ground, but we still haven't got what we came here for. Drugni's going to need the powder, and we have to get it all before those Dark Elves take it! Take your Groundshaker and call my lads to the kegs. We'll take it from there! See you back at our post!
Free the Supply Camp of the Uthorin raiders and their Manticores. When done, return to Baragan Firebeard at Firebeard's Post.
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