Barring the Way - Our Dwarf Allies

Sunsword sent you? She's finally ready to make her strike against the Dark Elves, eh? It's about time! The sooner those folk get off this island, the sooner me and my boys get back to Eight Peaks! Look, I'm happy to help Sunsword with her assault, but I'll be needin' your aid to deal with some things first. I'd deal with 'em myself, but I have to stay here and defend the beer! Some o' my best lads were supposed to report back to me with a supply o' black powder. As you can see if you look around, I have very few lads and even less black powder. If I'm goin' to be aidin' Missus Sunsword, I'm goin' to be needin' some powder and some more o' my best lads! We'll start with my boys. They're led by Thar Stonebreaker, so they're probably lost underground. Take this Groundshaker, help 'em find their way out, and then ask Thar to get me that powder!
Use the Groundshaker in the woods near the Dwarf Supply Camp to rescue the missing Dwarfs. After rescuing all the miners, speak with Thar Stonebreaker who is hiding near the Supply Area to help with Baragan's black powder needs.
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