Barring the Way

If we are to make our way to the Fist of Malekith, we will need all the support that we can muster. Now more than ever we need our allies to join us on the front lines. The Dark Elves' Chaos allies are up to something in a cave to the west. The fortified positions that surround the cave make an assault difficult unless we have support. I require the talents of the Dwarfs and the resilient fighting men of Sigmar to root out the minions of Chaos and put their plans to ruin. It is imperative that you make your way to the camps of our allies. Do all that you can to aid them so that I can be certain they will be with us when we besiege to our enemy!
Secure the support of Baragan Firebeard and Alex von Engel by aiding them in any way they require. When finished, report to Lyriean Sunsword at Deathclaw Hold to begin the battle.
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