Long have the Dragonflame Sentinels kept watch over the sacred fires, observing the wax and wane of a Dragon's life in the behavior of flames. One by one, the ancient creatures have fallen into slumber, their flames dwindling to blue sparks. Guardianship has become a bitter duty for some. They say that the Dragons sleeping beneath Dragonwake are beyond the reach of any power. Others, like myself, have begun to suspect that this sleep is no consequence of the natural world, but one of the first steps in Malekith's preparations for war. The absence of the Dragons has weakened the defenses of Ulthuan. Now, the Dark Elves move to control Dragonwatch! Though the loss of our Dragon riders is a serious blow, it would be far worse to see those noble creatures broken by the Beastmasters of Hag Graef!
Journey north to Dragonwatch, and join in the efforts to secure the Summoning Flames from Dark Elf control.
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