Answering the Call

The noble citizens of Caledor have fought the invaders, never giving in to the foes that sought to occupy their homeland. We must rally these brave Elves to our banner! First, seek out Avielle Morninglight and her defenders. They are the guardians of Ulan Bel, and they continue the fight from the woods southeast of the tower. Next, seek out Lord Velian. He gathered his guard and began campaigning across Caledor, bringing the fight to any Dark Elves he could find. The last is the humble Lieutenant Devinir. He gathered citizens who were forced to flee their homes, and has harassed my dark cousins mercilessly. Find these brave Elves, and alert them to the presence of the Shining Guard in their land!
Rally Caledor's native defenders. Avielle Morninglight's forces are said to be hiding southeast of Ulan Bel. Lord Velian and his guard should be located southwest of the Ithalan Passage. Lieutenant Devinir's band originates in the woods northwest of the Shadowchasm. Return to Prince Endhil in Cinderblade once you have rallied the defenders.
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