An Unknown Purpose

Given the circumstances, I suspect that Hellebron intends to call forth an Avatar of Khaine! If unleashed upon Ulthuan, a physical manifestation of the Lord of Murder would be a force that the Shining Guard would be unable to stop! We must be certain of my suspicions, <name>! If Hellebron intends to summon an Avatar of Khaine, we must act quickly, but without haste. I have heard my captors speak of Kyrenn Norax, the Witch Elf that oversees the rituals. Find her, and see if there is any truth to my suspicions! If there is, you must let Solanaeyn know immediately!
Find Kyrenn Norax, the hag who oversees the terrible rituals for Hellebron. She is located to the northeast of the focus stone. Destroy Norax, and return to Lorimas Solanaeyn if you can confirm Felanar's suspicions.
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