An Unknown Purpose

Hellebron seeks Dragon hearts, you say? What could she be up to? I am certain I have come across such a reference in my studies, but I cannot recall the details. In my current state, I am fortunate that I recall my own name! From what I have heard, Hellebron's plans involve the Focus Stone of Vaul. It is a powerful magical stone, and I have seen terrible arcs of red energy emanating from it. Perhaps they are using rubrics? I cannot say for certain. I have not the strength to flee, and fighting through a great throng of enemies is out of the question. I shall remain here for now, regaining my strength as I consider the matter of the Dragon hearts. You, however, must find out more about the madness these Witch Elves have in store for us.
Travel to the Focus Stone of Vaul to the east, where the Witch Elves perform rituals to channel its magical strength. Search for any indication of where the energy is going. Return to Felanar Lightbringer with any knowledge you uncover.
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