An Unwelcome Discovery

My father still lives! ? Free me from this cage so that I might make my way to aid him. I shall have my vengeance upon these witches for my mother's death! While I make my way to aid my father and deliver word to Hithrandor of the events at Serythal, you must deliver news most dire to my family near Vaul's Anvil. These witches were tormenting us as we made our way south, taunting us with tales of the terrible fate that lay in store for us. The great hag Hellebron is here, in Dragonwake, and she requires many sacrifices for her monstrous plans! I know not what her ultimate aim is, but I am certain that the great hag will not spare any of our kin! My people to the south must be warned of Hellebron's presence so that she might be stopped before her terrible rituals can be completed!
Hurry to the Shining Guard camp to the southwest, at the Spires of Vaul. When you arrive, bring word to Haelynar Silverstar that the dread hag Hellebron is behind the assault upon the sacred forge.
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