An Unwelcome Discovery

When I awoke, I found myself here, a prisoner of these Witch Elves. They claimed that I had been singled out for special attention. They smeared their blades with Darkbreath poison and cut me. Within moments, my breath was coming in gasps and it felt as if a fire had been ignited in my lungs! All I know has been gleaned from the mad gibberings of these evil Witch Elves: they require many victims for some terrible sacrifice! Please! My family is all I have left! These Witch Elves have taken them, and I know not to where. You must find them! Rescue them, or my family's lives will be forfeit!
Search to the west for the caravan of the Witch Elves. Defeat the Black Heart Maidens found there, and claim the cage key from a Black Heart Tormentor. Speak to Avelyn Melithas, a prisoner in the caravan, when done.
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