An Unwelcome Discovery

We have received word that the nearby town of Serynthal has come under attack, but we have been unable to discover who has attacked it or why. With our enemy wandering the wilds of Dragonwake in an attempt to break any Dragons they come across, it is unclear why the sentinels camped at Serynthal were attacked. It is not the home of any of our Dragon Princes, nor is it a source of significant Dragon lore. Something more insidious is at work, <name>, and we must discover what it is!
Travel east to Serynthal, which has come under the attack of the Dark Elves. Speak to one of the High Elves there who may be able to provide information about what has befallen the village. The cruel Witch Elves are well-known for their use of poisons. If the High Elves you encounter are suffering the effects of a toxin, find an antidote to cure them.
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