Black Talon

This pile of disturbed earth reveals that someone has been digging here recently. A glint of gold catches your eye, and you reach down and clear away the soil to reveal a golden, gem-studded hilt. Wrapping your fingers around the hilt, you pull a broken sword from the ground. Freed from the dirt, the blade shines with an inner light. Were the weapon whole and unbroken, it would be a fine discovery. Suddenly, words come unbidden into your mind: 'I am known as the Black Talon, <name>, ' the voice says. 'I was shattered in battle and have been lost for centuries. My power has waned, but I may yet be restored. Return me to a member of the Whiteflame line, and know the gratitude of my master. '
Take the broken blade, the Black Talon, to a member of the Whiteflame line. One may be found in the Shining Guard camp at Oakbrow's Charge. Speak with Cirfandar Whiteflame
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