An Ancient Covenant

I am of a house of Dragon riders. Although we do not always go to battle atop the great creatures, we are able to wake them in times of great need. One line of Dragons is inextricably bound with my own, and our fates forever intertwined. House Dragoneye has flown into battle astride these Dragons for over a thousand years, and we watch over them during their great slumbers. The Dark Elf presence causes me to fear for the safety of our Dragon allies. Please secure their flames and report back to me. The first flame lies to the west, the second to the south, and the last to the east.
Journey west to the Brightsand Tower and find the brazier of the Moon Dragon Turnairoth. Slay the Dark Elf forces you find there, and then secure the flame of Turnairoth.
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  • Tier 3 (0)
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