An Old Flame

You have the look of battle about you, <career>. Have you word of Prince Imrik? The Prince dispatched me here some weeks ago. I was to rouse his Dragon, the great Minaithnir, and await his return. A shadow is cast over my heart, for I do not know the fate of my beloved--Forgive me, for I have forgotten my place. I speak of the honorable Prince Imrik, of course. His Dragon rose twelve nights ago from Keeper's Watch. There is a great flame in the Brazier of Minaithnir that is the heart of the Dragon. It will undoubtedly be an inferno when you get there, such is the combined strength of Minaithnir and Prince Imrik. If you look into the flame, you can see through the eyes of the great beast and divine what fate has become of them. Bring me word, <name>, for good or ill.
Travel west to Keeper's Watch and search for the Brazier of Minaithnir. Look into the Brazier and see what has become of Miniathnir and Prince Imrik.
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