A Shattered Peace

You must now find a way to flush the Shyish Crystal of the Purple Wind, and imbue it with the Wind of Life. Such is the power of you own life that your lightest touch upon the Crystal's smooth, cold surface causes the purple energy within it to fade. Were you to place it upon a surface that overflows with the Wind of Life, Ghyran, then perhaps the Shyish energy within would be completely purged. The Ritual of Life lies to the south. Though it will be hazardous, you feel that the risk is worth it if you are to put the tormented spirits of the High Elves to rest.
Take the Overcharged Shyish Crystal south, to the Ritual of Life. When there, use the Overcharged Shyish Crystal near the Altar of the Everliving to drain it of the Shyish energy within it.
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