A Shattered Peace

The balance of the Winds of Magic upon the Isle of the Dead has been tampered with. Left unchecked, this imbalance will cause irreparable harm to our world. The Dark Elves must understand this, for they revel in destruction. Many of my ancestors remain on the Isle of the Dead, trapped their by the spells that formed the Vortex. They have sacrificed themselves for the good of all. Despite their altruism, these brave souls are now being driven to madness by the imbalances in the Winds of Magic. We must restore balance to the Ritual of Death, and end the suffering of the spirits in the process. By draining a Shyish crystal that has been saturated with the Wind of Death, you may be able to attune it to the Wind of Life. If so, the new crystal can be used to ease the suffering of the Spirits.
Travel to the Isle of the Dead and find the Ritual of Death. Upon the land surrounding the Ritual, search for and claim a crystal which has become saturated with the energy of Shyish.
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