A Line in the Sand

I have already asked much, yet one more task remains before you. The Horn of Annyerial has always been used to summon forth the citizen soldiers of this land. In times of peace, as well as wartime, the horn's bright notes brought hope to the hearts of the High Elves that lived within earshot of the city. The horn has since been taken as a prize by the Dark Elves. Were it be recovered and taken back to Goldenvale Manor, the morale of the troops there would be bolstered. The Horn is currently located in a Dark Elf camp to the northwest. Search within the enemy's tents.
Seek out the Dark Elf encampment to the northwest of Sarilea Cimeran's camp, and search the chests within the tents there for the Horn of Anyerrial. Return to Sarilea Cimeran at her camp, south of Anyerrial, when this is complete.
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