A Line in the Sand

We have laid the enemy's champion low, but now we must reach deeper and deny their leaders the expertise of Caresis Rath. Rath is one of House Uthorin's preeminent tacticians, and a powerful Sorceress. She has served her lord for decades, and has been instrumental in many of his victories on Ulthuan. She is an elusive foe, and is rarely seen this close to the front lines. She has come ashore at Anyerrial, for her ancestors called the town their home in the centuries before we were betrayed by the Witch King. It may be the only chance we have to slay her. Find Rath in the town and kill her, then return to me with news of your progress.
Fight your way into the city of Anyerrial, to the north. Locate Caresis Rath and kill her. Return to Sarilea Cimeran at her camp, south of Anyerrial, when this is complete.
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