A Line in the Sand

I have followed the host of Malekith from the shores of Chrace to the Straits of Lothern. Through this long war, my zeal for the fight has increased. The kin-traitors are my mortal enemies by oath, and so long as they sully these lands my blade shall never be still. This is the strength we must restore in my people. We must first fight our way closer to Anyerrial. The enemies who wander outside the city remain a constant threat to our inevitable counter-attack. We can aid those who will soon return to the fight by shaking the morale of the Dark Elves. This can be accomplished by killing Khallon Asdrerien, a great Dark Elf hero. His fall will show the enemy that none of them are immune to Ulthuan's wrath! The enemy has erected several pikes near their fortifications. See that Khallon's head decorates one of them once he has been killed.
Engage the Dark Elves that mass outside of Anyerrial. Locate Khallon Asdrerien, the great Dark Elf Executioner, and defeat him. Cut his head from his shoulders, and use a Dark Elf pike to put it on display. Return to Sarilea Cimeran at her camp near Anyerrial when this has been done.
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