A Line in the Sand

If my people cannot rally to the defense of our lands, then we deserve to lose them to the Dark Elves. The days of wallowing in self-pity as Ulthuan is burned beneath us must end! With the fall of the City of Anyerrial, many of my kin seem to have given up hope. While I, too, feel the sting of the many losses we have suffered, I believe that, so long as one of us lives, the fight must go on. These losses must fuel our resolve to fight on. I look out at the assembled host and I see the sorrow in their eyes. Their morale is shaken. I fear that this shall lead to our ultimate end, long before the final cut has been made! We must draw the line here, <name>. Beyond this point, the enemy shall not pass. For that, we must find a means to rouse the defenders of Ulthuan from their stupor. I have dispatched Sarilea Cimeran to scout the movements of our enemy. Perhaps she may know a way.
Report to Sarilea Cimeran for your assignment. She can be found camped to the west, near the city of Anyerrial.
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