A Conflict Within

Loridian's Missive continues: 'All orders to protect the necromancers have been rescinded. I have ordered von Heilbroner's immediate death. The others can roam through Ulthuan as they wish; the High Elves will take care of them for us. 'As for me, I have been summoned by Lord Uthorin. You, sister, must capture the stone of Saphery so that I might deliver good news to our Lord. Be vigilant! Keep watch for the traitorous necromancers! If any have survived, they will seek to claim the menhir for themselves. 'Whatever you do, do not fail me, or the wrath of Lord Uthorin will pale in comparison to my own. 'Loridian Nynx will likely be escorted to her Lord by the enemy's Dark Riders. Perhaps their camp holds information that will reveal where she has gone.
Travel to the main camp of the patrolling Dark Riders. Kill Graroth Vergorith, the commander's adjutant, and take his records as they may be a good source of information. Return to Sonsea Stormfire in the Shining Guard camp at Menuthil's Burden in Stonelea with what you find.
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