A Conflict Within

Vedric's letter continues: 'Though we stand alone in Ulthuan, I know of a High Elf mage in Saphery, Vaelynar Sinelian, whose knowledge of the Lore of Death can be twisted to our own ends. The mage's manor will be under my control very soon, and with the untapped power concentrated there, I shall raise an army that will annihilate the Dark Elves! 'I will show Loridian that her treachery will be her final error! 'When the manor is ours, you must do all you can to defend against any who oppose us. Serve me well in this hour, Anton, and I shall grant you untold power when Ulthuan is finally ours. 'It seems that the best thing to do now would be to find out where Loridian Nynx is. If von Heilbroner wants to exact revenge upon her, he will not be far away.
Search for evidence of Loridian Nynx's whereabouts amongst those who assault the menhir in Stonelea to the southeast. One of Loridian's closest aides, Syriean Fearfury, has been seen in the vicinity. She may possess intimate knowledge of her mistress' location.
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