A Conflict Within

Vedric von Heilbroner has launched a terrible attack upon Sinelian Hall! Of all the great High Elf archmages, Vaelynar Sinelian has long been the most introverted. His interests in the Amethyst Wind of Shyish are not fully understood amongst my people. His resources, though intended for good, would be of great use to the von Heilbroner. What I do not know is why the necromancer dallies at the Hall when a menhir stone lies nearby. I have ordered a strike upon Sinelian Hall so that we might catch von Heilbroner, but before we obliterate his forces, we must learn why his plans have changed. Von Heilbroner's bodyguard, a human known as Anton Alucrys, has been seen at Sinelian Hall. He is likely to be an excellent source of information.
From Menuthil's Burden, travel northwest into Cairnmoor and find Sinelian Hall. Uncover information about why Vedric went there instead of to the menhir. His servant, Anton Alucrys, may be a source of information. Persue any leads you find.
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