An End to the Problem

I have disconcerting news, <name>. The party we dispatched to deal with Abendroth's other minion, Barthilas Klienbecker, has not yet reported back. They were sent long before you were asked to confront Malina, but nothing has been heard of their progress. My loyal friend and fellow maiden of Alarielle, Merilis Thunderspear, led that expedition. There are few who serve Ulthuan more nobly or effectively than Merilis, and I was sure her party was more than capable of stopping Barthilas. I fear that the worst has come to pass. If so, Barthilas still roams freely about Avelorn. While I attend to this new information you have delivered, please search for my comrades. Aid them if they still live, and take up their mantle if Barthilas has claimed their lives!
Search the woods of the Annulii Rise, to the south of Stormriver, for the party sent to defeat Barthilas Klienbecker. Speak with their leader, Merilis Thunderspear, when they are found.
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