An End to the Problem

The plans of the necromancers remain hidden from us. So far, they have succeeded in aiding our hated kin in their battle for Ulthuan, but the dark lords of the unliving are a treacherous lot. They must have set some greater plan in motion with which we are unfamiliar! There is hope, however. Two of the terrible magicians are the minions of Derisolde Abendroth. While she works her dark sorcery within the remains of Stormriver, these two raise armies in her name deep within the wood. It is imperative that we put an end to these vile humans quickly, and ransack their camps for anything that we might learn about their hidden agenda. If we can uncover the final objectives of these blightcarriers and defeat them in a single stroke, it shall be a great victory for the forces of Order!
From Whisperwood travel southeast to the camp of Malina Rathskeller in the Anulii Rise. Defeat her undead minions before searching for evidence of the necromancers' ultimate plot.
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