Anguish in Annulii

These days, the eastern foothills of Avelorn are a treacherous place. Many of our best and bravest trackers and huntsmen have been lost in those rocky woodlands. I am of the mind that the Mountain Maulers, bears of impressive size and craven appetites, are responsible. A short time ago, I sent my best scout, Gewoe Dalewalker, to divine the truth of these suspicions. He has not yet returned. It is unlike Gewoe to be so late, and I fear for his life. Travel south in search of Gewoe. While in the wild, thin the numbers of Mountain Maulers so that no one else will fall to them. Beware of anything out of the ordinary, for I have heard tales of Beastmen roaming the paths beneath the forest canopy.
From Grimwater, search the southeastern foothills of the Annulii Mountains in Silverglen for Mountain bears. Keep an eye open for signs of possible Chaos incursion. Locate Gewoe Dalewalker amongst these foothills.
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