Awakening the Forest

The land of Avelorn has slept for thousands of years. Rarely has an enemy penetrated this far into Ulthuan. We will retreat no futher! We must do all we can to turn back the Dark Elf tide! Witch Elves, the vile brides of Khaine, perform dark rituals nearby. The only language these she-devils understand is that of pain and death. We must awaken the spirits of the wood to turn the hags out of these lands before their damaging ceremonies are made irreversible. To bring the spirits to their senses, we must create an unguent that will awaken them. Gather the necessary ingredients, then use the alchemical components on this table to combine them in the proper proportions.
Gather seven samples of the white flower, Ayalia's Tear. Gather eight Silken Strands from Woodspinner spiders. Both the flowers and the spiders are found throughout Eldhrel's Lament. When these reagents have been gathered, use the alchemist's trappings on Orellion's table to create the Unguent of Awakening.
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