An Evil Crop

The leaves quiver with unvoiced fury, heralding the return of my estranged kin. The Dark Elves descend upon us, intent upon the destruction of the very forest we call home. The secret places of Avelorn are sacred, <name>, made so by the tears of Isha as she wept for her mortal children, and I will not tolerate my cousins' desecration of these sacred places. The Dark Elves invade the sacred glades of Avelorn, yet they do not unite against us. Is this some new stratagem, or a weakness that may be exploited? Discover the locations of their secret camps and learn their plans so that we might strike them a decisive blow.
Scout the Dark Elf lumberjack camp in Eldhrel's Lament in Avelorn. Return to Salanir Flamebreaker in Fernwood when done.
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