A Sign of Both Their Houses

This time has been most fortuitous for us. I have word of a second Lordling, of the house Arkaneth, who has been found by those who scout the fallen Ellyrian stables. His discovery will allow us to proceed with our plans with all due haste. Once we have pitted the houses against each other you will need to warn Cirribhir Strongwing within Avelorn. The chink in our cousins' armor must be made known and our forces prepared for what needs to be done.
Travel southeast to the Ellyrian stables in Reaver's mark, and find Lordling Morineth of house Arkaneth. Defeat him, and place the house Uthorin ring on his body. Travel to Cirribhir Strongwing at Fernwood to the southeast, within the land of Avelorn, when done.
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