A Sign of Both Their Houses

The Griffon gate has fallen and the Dark Elves swarm over Ellyrion like locusts. They've even breached the Elyr pass, and began to swarm into eastern Ellyrion as well. It seems as though our hated kin have for once, managed to unite in their desire to conquer Ulthuan. Nonetheless, we have heard rumors of a conflict erupting between two Houses of the Dark Elves, each claiming victory over the defenders of the Griffon Gate. Surely, our hated kin care not for those who fell in their fight, they would think them weak and their end fitting. Find these fallen enemies, and see if you can uncover anything about these rival Houses!
Travel to the Elyr Gate on the western border of Reaver's Mark, south of Reaverspring. Search for evidence of the fight that broke out between the Dark Elves. Return to Ithiloen Truedale at the Shining Guard camp in Reaversrping when done.
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  • Tier 4 (0)


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