A Shadow Over Ellyrion

As you read the letter, you discover that the plan to use necromancers to create armies of undead has long been in the offing. However, it seems that Gareton Scalerider was not privy to many key details. His was only required to escort the humans to a warcamp set upon Black Rock Rise shortly after breaching the Gates. There, a sorceress of the Dreadblight Convent named Terrixa Annisar awaits their arrival. If she remains, then it is likely that she will possess more information about this plot.
Travel to the Dark Elf fort atop the Black Rock Rise in eastern Ellyrion and confront Terrixa Annisar. Recover any evidence of the necromancer plot she may carry. Return with this evidence to Sanselia Cloudcaller at the Shining Guard camp on Windrider Plain.
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