A Shadow Over Ellyrion

Never mind about me, I could have escaped this cage in a moment and disappeared into the forest if it were not for what our dark kin paraded in front of me. I have seen a group of humans, dressed in the garb of death worship, being escorted by Dark Elf knights and their monstrous Cold Ones. A few humans wandering the countryside of Ellyrion would itself be an unusual sight, but escorted by those beasts? I'd never have imagined such an event would come to pass! Whoever ordered them to guard these humans must feel they are very important. We must know more, and that means we must know who ordered this escort. The main camp of these knights is close; attack it forthwith, and spare no quarter as you search for information on those whom they serve!
Travel to the camps of the Ragescale Knights located southwest of the Windrider Plain. Defeat a few of the Ragescale squires and Cold Ones. Also, take care of Gareton Scalerider and search his body for any evidence of who ordered the escort of the necromancers. Read any evidence you uncover.
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