A Shadow Over Ellyrion

We did all we could to save the remaining gates from our dark kin but it was all for naught. Even now, the Dark Elves stream through the Griffon Gate into Ellyrion. And with them they bring an unholy host. A host of unimagined horrors, creatures from far away lands, all brought back from death to serve their human master. The town of Starbrook has fallen to their might, and now this host of the undead emerges from its ashes ready to feed on the flesh of the living. Every moment spent dealing with these undead is another moment lost in expelling the invaders from Ellyrion! We must deal swiftly with these gruesome undead. These abominations cannot be allowed to interfere with our defense of Ellyrion as relentlessly as they did in the Shadowlands!
Travel southeast to the village of Starbrook on Shining Meadow and destroy the undead found in the town. There are also reports of an Orb which seems to glow with a dark energy. Examine it to discover how it is related to the undead.
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