All That Remains

Please! You must help me. I've come so far, and yet I am not able to take the last few remaining steps. They came from woods, my cousins, cloaked and astride dark horses. They slew my family and destroyed our caravan without regard. I was left for dead as they set up camp for the night, only yards away from the fresh corpses of my wife and children. Ever so slowly I inched my way through the shadows to the bodies of my family and collected the sacred seal of each, praying I would have the strength to finish my task. Eventually the riders left us, and I was able to make it this far upon the back of Kehafnir, a magnificent beast who rode for three days with a pair of Dark Elf bolts slowly stealing his life away. I must get these seals to my family's altar. The memory of my line must be preserved. Can you help me close the distance?
Ensure this family's memory does not fade. The altar lies north, but a short distance up this hill of the Shining Meadow.
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