At Peace

Curse their short sightedness! Our dark kin once coveted these lands. So much so that they launched a thousand assaults against these shores to their loss all in a vain effort to regain what they mistakenly thought was theirs by birthright. It appears now they no longer care what happens to the lands of their birth. They have unleashed a green taint upon Ulthuan that will not easily be wiped clean. Even now the greenskinned beasts hew down the forests to build their ramshackle fortresses and claim the noble steeds of Ellyrion as food for their armies! Is this despair? I feel as if all of Ulthuan is under siege and that we will be crushed by the weight of it all... Forgive me, <name> your stoic resolve lends me strength! We will see this through; we must for the sake of Ulthuan and our people. And we will start by dealing with these filthy greenskins. They will pay in kind for every noble beast they have slain!
From Windrider Plain, travel south along the road to the southern reaches of the Shining Meadow. Find the Goblin Wolfriders and end their slaughter of the Steeds of Ellyrion. Track the greenskin leader back to his lair by recovering and reading the Crude Map.
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