Arrow of Regret

As you examine the corpse of the massive lion known as Bloodpaw, you notice an old wound upon the beast's breast. Nearly concealed by the lion's mane is the shaft of an arrow, imbedded deeply and long since healed-over. Grasping the remains of the shaft, you pull the arrow free of Bloodpaw's motionless body with some effort. The arrowhead mounted to the shaft is wrought from ithilmar, and is carved with the symbol of House Blazebow. House Blazebow is a prominent noble house among the Reavers of Ellyrion. Perhaps a member of this house can be found, and the mystery of this arrow will be revealed.
Seek out Elriorl Blazebow within Reaverspring, to the west. Show him Blazebow's Arrow, and see if he can tell you more about its history.
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