A Legacy Restored

I shall make my way to our camp, <name>, thanks to your assistance in clearing my way to safety. Now, though, I must ask your aid once more. Earlier, I mentioned that the weapons I wielded, treasures passed down from my ancestor, Korrilan Starseer, were stolen. Bravely did my heroic ancestor fight in the army of Aenarion, long ago. He served proudly in the fight against the forces of Chaos that threatened to consume the world, and it is his legend that inspired me to walk the path of the swordmaster. Since the day I made my choice, I have proudly wielded his artifacts in his honor. It is sacrilege that his weapons are now in the hands of one of that dark host, and I cannot bear the stain of their loss upon his memory or my family's honor!
Travel to Dread Lake northwest of the ruins. Find the knight Teleron Druskor. Kill him and reclaim Korrilan's Greatsword and Korrilan's Shield from him. Return to Anselis Starseer in Sorrowstrand when done.
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