A Legacy Restored

This accursed war! Not only have we been forced to flee from our ancestral lands in Chrace, but now I fear my daughter, Cimessa, is lost! She has always been too headstrong for her own good. Where our family is renowned for our mastery of magic, she decides to train as a swordmaster. When forced from our homes, it took all my strength to keep her from running off to the fight right then. Then, we arrived here. The call went out for those ready to fight, and she volunteered against my wishes. Two days ago, she traveled to the Stone of Aenarion, among those sent to protect our loremasters journeying there. Now, those lorekeepers return in diminished numbers, and they do not return with my daughter.
Travel southeast to the Nagarythe ruins in Mournwood. Search for Cimessa Starseer there.
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